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Weck Mini Mold 160ml With Lid

Weck Mini Mold 160ml With Lid

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I am a huge fan of glass, in the kitchen and on the go.  I recycle a lot and find it so hard to put glass in the recycling acknowledging I don't have a new purpose.  I can often be found in the grocery items tapping to work out which ones are glass.

Sometimes new glass is the only way to go and Weck jars a bit of an iconic look for the eco kitchen.  I love the German simplicity of the design and the fiercely practical nature of the products.


A 160ml Jar this Weck mini mold is perfect for single servings of deserts or small volume items destined for the fridge or picnic basket. The standard solid glass lid offers a cover and stacking platform. Seals and clams can be purchased separately if you want a seal on the move or you are looking for a leak proof option.

Perfect for food storage of items that regularly shift between fridge and table.  I personally don't use mine with clamps and seals often.