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Grandma's Kitchen Soap - lemon grass

Grandma's Kitchen Soap - lemon grass

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This is a personal favourite in my house.  Such a simple swap out for Dishwashing liquid. 

Same cleaning power of the unscented but with the clean fresh smell of Lemongrass.

Old school, rough cut kitchen soap with just three ingredients:  soaponified coconut oil, water and lavender from the Farm Folly garden. These big 140g bars are made for removing grease and effectively clean your dishes and kitchen surfaces. Eco, sustainable, natural and long lasting - what's not to love.

Simply run the tap over the bar to create a natural wash.

Store on a draining dish or in a wire wrack.  I store mine in a wrack attached to the side of the tub and just move the flow of the tap water over it as i start to fill the sink