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Thick & Creamy Yoghurt Starter

Thick & Creamy Yoghurt Starter

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If you like something a bit thicker in the yoghurt department this is the perfect starter for you. 

The Culture Cupboard® make a wide variety of starters for Yoghurt and Cheese.  This generous ten pack of yogurt culture makes 1-2 litres (1-2 quarts) per pack of thick, creamy yogurt.  Make it plain or add your own twist in flavour.

This culture is the one for those who like a seriously thick, mildly flavoured yogurt. Perfect for smoothies, dips, cooking and creamy breakfast pots.  If you like a sharper, tangy yogurt try the probiotic culture.

If you are looking for a vegan option try the Plant based Starter.

There is no denying that home made yoghurt is frequently cheaper than bought.  Even better you get to control all the ingredients, and experiment with adding flavour.