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Laundry Balls - NZ Made
Laundry Balls - NZ Made
Laundry Balls - NZ Made

Laundry Balls - NZ Made

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Handmade dryer wool balls approx 22cm in circumference:

Eco-friendly, and wonderfully irregular.  

When placed in dryer with wet laundry they move between the folds breaking up clumps of wet clothes so that the hot air can circulate and dry the clothes faster and reducing static.

Wool absorbs moisture reducing dry time by 30-50% and the gentle movement of the balls act as a fabric softer. (Small / medium loads use 3 balls whereas large loads 5-6 is recommended).

Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on to one of the balls to experience naturally scented fresh laundry.

Will not unravel and will last up to 1000 loads.  At the end of balls life you end up with a tightly packed wool sphere ideal to act as a passive diffuser for essential oils.

Handmade in Canterbury from locally sourced wool.

Contains 4x dryer balls.
(Brown Chatham island sheep inner and brown Romney outer)