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Probiotic Yoghurt Starter

Probiotic Yoghurt Starter

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The Perfect accompaniment to your Stainless steel Yoghurt Maker. 

The Culture Cupboard® generous ten pack of probiotic yogurt culture contains four strains of lactic bacteria and probiotics to make fresh yogurt at home. Each pack makes 1-2 litres (1-2 quarts) of thick, tangy yogurt, bursting with bugs.

In a recent laboratory test, one tablespoon of fresh yogurt made from this culture still had a culture count of 21 billion live bacteria seven days after making!

We often get asked - is making it cheaper than buying it? This culture and good milk will give you a making cost of around $3.80 per kilo.  Store-bought yogurts range from $4.50 to $12.00 per kilo.  So yes it is worth making your own - plus you control the ingredients.