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Stainless Steel Lids - Set of 4
Stainless Steel Lids - Set of 4

Stainless Steel Lids - Set of 4

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If you are anything like me you love using old school Preserving jars.  But finding good lids can be a real problem.

This set of 4 stainless steel storage lids are perfect for the plastic-free pantry. They are also great storage lids for preserving and lactic pickles once they have finished their fermentation.

They fit all standard wide-mouth glass preserving jars including Mason, Kilner, Ball and AGEE Special jars.

Unlike other metal lids, these stainless steel lids will not rust and degrade over time. Safe for use with acidic preserves, they will last a lifetime.  Each lid comes with a removable and reusable silicone seal should you wish to use these as preserving lids.

Wide mouth glass jars have an 86mm outer diameter opening.