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Drowning - emotional and physical cost of modern life

I like to think i am a pretty balanced person.  Pragmatic, calm in the face of drama, feet on the ground and relatively humble. 

I think i have my act together most of the time....but do I?  My current BP says maybe not. And it came as a bit of a shock.

In the pursuit of modern success we want everything now, we want lots of it, and we regularly don't stop to think about what it costs us.  I think what we are doing to our environment is a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves.

We want life to be convenient and we trade off our health and the health of our world to try to make it so. 

We apply chemicals in our skin to try to hold on to our youth or obtain the latest "fashion" look.  We take pills and supplements to try to compensate for an absence in nutrition and exercise.  We work longer hours in jobs that don't fulfil us to try to "get ahead of the pack" or to pay for all the material possessions we feel we are entitled to. 

I feel sometimes like we are stuck in a permanent 4 year old toddler state.  Stuck in "I want it"  even when we know its not good for us.  I want it, therefore I should have it, and I will deal with the consequences later....  we forget that later isn't never and it's often sooner than we think.

I am so close to obtaining the "goal" of my plan for the last decade, but the consequences of burying the stress impact on my physical self are coming home to roost.  And there is no point me saying "not yet, its not convenient".  Changes have to be made now - because while much of my world seems great - my body has had enough.

This is true of our environment.  The body of our world - the planet is showing the impact of our  failure to consider the consequences of our convenience material culture.

We need to be mindful in all of our decisions.  Our body and our world require the same pragmatic logic. Is this toxic, will this add value, does this provide sustainable joy or fleeting fancy, and what happens to it when it is no longer of use?  

Mindful living doesn't exclude joy, it should inspire it.  Buy things that last, that bring you joy, that serve multiple purposes and were ethically created.  Don't fad shop, even eco fads.