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Single use packaging - how far have we really come

Single use packaging how far have we really come?

I’m pretty eco conscious - more than some, less than others but I do what I can. No shampoo bottles in my house, reusable coffee cups, shop at the refillery when I can and I make most of my own cleaning products.

But every time I think maybe we are making real impact I take a trip to the supermarket I realise that we’ve barely scratched the surface. As an extremely time deficient working solo mum I understand the allure of convenience products and I don’t think demonising those who buy them is the answer.

How do we go mainstream in a way that gets everyone on board in a meaningful way. Making from scratch and self sufficiency are wonderful ideals but they are a bitter pill to overworked and under resourced families. Access to refilleries is limited.

Surely in a no8 wire culture we need to do more to put an emphasis on widespread application of biodegradable/domestically compostable food packaging. Not the greenwash kind that say they are green but when you peel back the marketing layer there is no substance to it. Genuine recyclable or compostable packaging.

We need to make sustainable choices the easiest choices. We also need to make those choices economically accessible to all, not just the premium eco shopper.

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