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What is Grounded Life?


I have always had a passion for a more simplistic life.  

In a world run on consumerism and materialism it is important not to lose site of our core values. Be mindful in what you consume, question what you are told, and stay focused on the things that really matter, health, family and our environment.

Even on the current wave of environmental awareness it is easy to get pulled into the greenwashing phenomenon and at times it's incredibly hard to tell the difference between the good and the fake.

The older you are the more you are aware that what is sold as the solution today often turns out to be the "bad guy" of the future.  At times it is flat out bewildering.  

Groundedlife began as a dream to try to walk the path of pragmatism.  To promote products that are practical and beneficial.  Not all of them are zero waste but they seek to make a positive mark on your life or the world around us.

I have a passion for local small businesses, and where products can't be made here in NZ I try to source from other NZ businesses who are already bringing the goods in.  Competition is great but resources are often best utilised when we work in collectives.

I also have a passion for fair trade and ethical sourcing.  I will gladly pay more for an item if i know it provides sustainable and real income to the ultimate producers.  This is a significant part of why i love doTERRA oils.  I think the quality is amazing but what really inspires me is they way they source their oils and the way it benefits the communities they work with.

Value what you have, buy what you need, and be responsible for the life cycle of the possessions you no longer want.  Yes it's important to buy environmentally wise products, but it's equally important to reuse and utilise the things you already have.

The future is won on reuse and recycle.  Most of our products are aimed at that philosophy.  We favor products that serve multiple purposes, and therefore will be well utilised during their life span.