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Why essential oils? 

It would be easier for me to answer why not essential oils.  I have had a long love affair with DIY of the cleaning and beauty kind. 

I confess is started with a focus on the household finances. How to make my income go further by reducing the burden of detergents, sprays, laundry soap and beauty products on my bank balance.

Essential oils are a crucial ingredient in sustaining a low toxin home.  Even as times have change and finances have become less constricted the desire to maintain this low toxin lifestyle has not changed.

The focus has shifted to include a wider health and well being focus.  The benefits of aromatherapy to support our health goals can not be underestimated.

Why doTERRA? Quality and ethical sourcing. 

I have used essential oils for many years but the consistent quality that comes with doTERRA is something that gives confidence in a world of imitation.  

doTERRA's ethical sourcing is admirable and that sits well with my own world view.

With doTERRA you can access 25% discounts on all of your essential oils by signing up to be a wholesale customer.  Goods are shipped directly to you and there is absolutely no obligation to buy every month.  Membership is $40 or if you purchase an enrolment kit it is waived.

 Ready to start?

1. Go to my Wellness Advocate page at

3. Choose the country and language that's appropriate for you.

4. Next, choose 'Wholesale Customer'.

5. In the next page, you can continue to add your details. Make sure both the Sponsor + Enroller ID say Geri Tomsett 6644852, but if you can’t see it there for some reason, please enter: 6644852.  This is how you link with Groundedlife and get my personal support.

6. Click 'verify' and set yourself up with a password.

7. Select which enrolment kit you'd like to order. You can either pay $40 for the wholesale membership, which gives you 25% off for a whole year, and purchase your choice of oils, or you can start with one of the kits and get the enrolment fee waived. The kits are by far the best value, as you receive dōTERRA'S most popular oils for a huge discount. 

8.  I recommend the Natures Solutions Kit as a great place to start. It's essentially a replacement for a good deal of your bathroom cabinet. Plus, you'll also receive approx 100 points for FREE which you can use on whatever you like in your following order. However a good alternative is the Home Essentials Kit, plus a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil.  This is the foundation kit often used in introductory classes to start people on their essential oil journey. It doesn't however come with the 100 points.

8. Enter your payment details and process your first order. 

Once you are all set up your oils will be despatched by your local distribution centre no matter where you are in the world.  There is no ongoing obligation to buy oils or sell oils to others.  Any purchases will automatically be at the 25% off discounted price.
You will receive a welcome email from me and a follow up after you have had your oils for a couple of weeks to make answer any questions.